Some people define the Earth with “blue orange” metaphor. It is told that the Earth looks like a blue orange and, from the depths of space, people look like creatures climbing up this orange. That is to say, differences such as religion, language, gender, social status etc. amongst the creatures on the Earth are not visible.” This is a great privilege of thinking outside the paradigm imposed on us. This is where the great enthusiasm and the philosophy brought along by our departure starts.

We, as Sharemakers, want to experience the music and arts festivals, cultural and local events bringing together people at all ages all over the world wanting to meet, have fun and share. We aim to share these experiences with you through storytelling videos and make sure you take action too.

Peer to peer economy (P2P) that is growing fast in our country and the world resulted in major changes in travelling habits and paved the way for new opportunities. Now people no longer stay in those cramped hotel rooms in the cities they visit; they can rather spend a day or month in a house they could actually never own.

Another aim of Sharemakers is to share information on the lifestyles and travelling habits changing with the rapidly growing P2P economy and raise awareness on them. It has been shown so far. But as Sharemakers, we will not only show but also highlight the importance of your involvement in the process. What is happening in seven continents? How is the world evolving? How do the people experiencing this evolution react? We asked ourselves if we could know, understand or perceive this from where we sit and started to awaken when we understood the answer was “No!”. We became aware of our passiveness and were disturbed by that.

We wanted to take action before it was too late. We want to provide lots of suggestions, models and excitement to access the beauties well-known in our age and involve you in this process too; because we know that;

There is no distinction as “me” and “you”. It is us! We are human-beings in our simplest form.

We are before you as “Sharemakers” that want to open up the horizon, get rid of this stagnation and shift towards “meaningful and purposeful activity”. Let’s establish the peace between “Micro cosmos” and “macro cosmos” all together.

Let’s at least try to do this!

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